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Knowledgeable Consumption

Mission Statement

Knowledgeable Consumption


To provide effective guidance for people with special needs

 to live healthy, active lives


It’s our undertaking to assist special needs persons within our community with education towards diet and consumption as well as towards equipment that may assist in a more active lifestyle when funding is available.

Knowledgeable Consumption will focus on education through demonstration and awareness of proper and sensible consumption. It is imperative for all our community members to understand the importance of moderation of consumption and the effects over-consumption can have on your health and lifestyle.

Our objectives:

  • A not-for-profit organization creating awareness that focus on challenges that special needs persons may face with diet and proper consumption & exercise.
  • To support other charitable organizations, institutions, events or activities where the subject is related to the above undertaking.
  • Develop and cultivate the relationships with both organizations & business within our communities, for leadership, co-operation and support.
  • Provide opportunities to our clients, volunteers and staff for personal and professional growth.
  • Utilize and consider our sponsors and friends as valuable partners within our organization, whose presence, ideas, and feedback are essential to the ongoing vitality of the Knowledgeable Consumption.