Knowledgeable Consumption is a not-for-profit organization that is operating and developing Canada's premiered beverage festivals. We currently feature three festivals that we deliver, Whisky Ottawa Sept, Whisky Oakville Oct. Whisky Calgary Nov. 2023

The Whisky Ottawa Festival has again brought together more whiskeys under one roof than has ever been seen in the Ottawa region. This ninth edition of the Whisky Ottawa Festival will also introduce local whisky lovers to Whiskies that have not been in Ottawa at past festivals.

The City of Ottawa is the second-largest whisky market in Ontario. As our city grows, and so do the services and entertainment within it, we have brought over 140 whiskies together for sampling at this year's edition of Whiskey Ottawa.

Whisky Ottawa is another premier festival that is growing to great success in the Ottawa market.

We are adding two additional whiskey festivals to our agenda this year. And I am proud to introduce Whisky Oakville and Whisky Calgary. Both of their inaugural festivals will be launched this fall. We are very excited to be working with our partners and the communities to bring them all a fun and safe festival as we work to enhance the whisky experience for all whiskey lovers across Canada.

These two new events, like Whisky Ottawa, will have a Grand Tasting Hall, a wide variety of Masterclasses, and a VIP package. The events themselves will be an enjoyable whisky experience for both the whisky connoisseur and the whiskey novice who is just learning of the world of whisky. Stay tuned for more information on our website.



Whisky Ottawa – Signature Series

We design our whisky experience packages to your requirements. You may have specific requests when it comes to the whiskies you would like to introduce to your clients. Being a person with whisky knowledge or no whisky knowledge at all we will work with you to create a whisky tutoring experience for a whisky food pairing dinner evening that your clients and colleagues will appreciate and speak of to their friends.

Our Whisky Ottawa – Signature Series team consists of highly recognized Whisky Ambassadors and experienced event producers. We tailor each program to your requirements. We start with a program consult. This process allows you to fully understand the different options that could be involved with developing a whisky experience for your clients. 

What better way to experience whisky than to have one of our Whisky Ambassadors from Whisky Ottawa – Signature Series guide you through this experience! Book your next event with us.