Women and Whisky



Feb 8th & 15th 2020

Did you know that women have a long and important history with our most precious of liquids? They invented the Alembic Still, they ran bootlegging operations and they repealed Prohibition. Many of them also burnt at the stake for selling whisky during the Middle Ages. And yet, despite all of this, whisky is still – by conventional wisdom – considered a drink for men. Why is whisky considered a man’s drink?

There’s no logical reason for this, so let's shake things up!  

What is Women & Whisky? This February (on two Winterlude weekends), at the Kildare House, Women & Whisky will present a series of Masterclasses. These Masterclass are a unique tutored tasting experience that will provide you an insight into the world of whisky!

Women & Whisky is an evening of tutored tastings; you may come to one or two of these masterclasses.  You may drop in for one masterclasses on your way to dinner or after dinner.  Just come by with some friends, what ever works for you. Just remeber your guy can drive you and he can pick you up, but he can't join you. Women & Whisky guests are women only!

Information on Women and Whisky Feb 8th & 15th click here. 

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