Whisky Calgary 2023

We are elicited to bring Whisky Calgary to the Hotel Arts Saturday, November 11, 2023

The Hotel Arts is known as Calgary’s first boutique hotel. This hotel is also known as a venue for unique events. This is why Whisky Calgary is partnering with the Hotel Arts to bring the Calgary community another unique event.

Whisky Calgary will present a mix of craft whiskies from Canada and around the world. We will have whiskies you know and love, to whiskies you will experience for the first time. There will be a VIP ticket and a General Admission ticket to the Grand Tasting Hall. Also, to add to the education part of your whisky experience, there will be. A few Masterclasses to attend

We always remind people to follow the smart steps of any event that serves whisky or other alcohols, do your research, what whiskies have I not tried, make a list, and sample the ones on your list first. Then venture out to try other whiskies, “try before you buy,” and we all know, “plan your ride home.”   

Meet all of the Whisky families, Whisky, Rye, Scotch and Bourbons. The festival will allow you to taste whiskies from around the world. Learn from the Whisky Ambassadors. 

Up to 150++ whiskies to sample from,  

Tickets are coming shortly,