Whisky Ottawa 2023

Unveiling the Finest: Whisky Ottawa's Ninth Edition Welcomes Celebrated Whisky House, Douglas Laing & Co.


Ottawa, ON – September 30, 2023 – Whisky connoisseurs and enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The highly anticipated ninth edition of Whisky Ottawa is set to captivate attendees on September 30th at the exquisite Ottawa Shaw Centre's Trillium Ballroom. This year's edition promises to be an unforgettable experience, featuring exclusive insights and tastings from none other than the prestigious Scotch whisky house, Douglas Laing & Co.


Elevating the Whisky Experience


Embarking on its 75th-anniversary celebration, Douglas Laing & Co, a paragon of Scotch whisky excellence founded in 1948 in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland, will take center stage as the distinguished VIP guest presenter. We are honoured to announce that Dougal Barr, the illustrious Global Brand Ambassador of Douglas Laing & Co, will be gracing Whisky Ottawa with his presence.


Journey Through Time and Flavor


Whisky Ottawa attendees are in for a treat as Dougal Barr leads them on a captivating journey through the storied history of Douglas Laing. With an unparalleled passion for the craft, Barr will unveil the heritage and craftsmanship that have defined Douglas Laing & Co for three-quarters of a century. Exclusive to this occasion, attendees will be among the first to savour a selection of the whisky house's world-renowned expressions, including a couple of limited 75th-anniversary releases.


An Extravaganza of Discovery


Whisky Ottawa isn't just an event; it's an exploration of the finest whiskies the world has to offer. Before the main event on Saturday evening, participants can indulge in immersive master classes on Saturday afternoon, designed to deepen their appreciation and understanding of this timeless spirit. Adding to the excitement, Canadian distiller Last Straw will unveil their latest whisky creations, offering a tantalizing glimpse into their innovation and expertise.


Knowledgeable Consumption is proud to bring you Whisky Ottawa, an event that celebrates the artistry, history, and sophistication of whisky. With a commitment to providing exceptional experiences, we invite you to join us in elevating your appreciation for the finer things in life.

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