Knowledgeable Consumption is a Not-for-profit organization that is operating and developing Ottawa’s premiered beverage festivals. We currently have two festivals that we deliver to the Ottawa region. In 2015 we will be adding two more festivals to our line-up.

The Ottawa Craft Beer Festival (formerly the National Capital Craft Beer Festival) is the largest craft beer festival in Ontario.  We are entering into our fourth year and we have seen amazing growth. The support from the industry as well as our community has shown that this is a festival that will lead the community for many years to come. The festivals main focus on craft beer we also present a few international beers and some ciders.

The Whisky Ottawa Festival has brought together more whiskeys under one roof that has ever seen before in the Ottawa region. This first edition Whiskey Ottawa Festival has been a long time coming. The City of Ottawa is the second largest whiskey market in Ontario. As our city grows and so dose the services and entertainment within it, we have brought over 70 whiskeys together for sampling at this first edition Whiskey Ottawa Festival. Whiskey Ottawa another premier festival that is going to grow to great success in the Ottawa market.

The Beverage Show, a taste summer, This premier beverage Festival will be presented in the spring of 2015 at Ottawa was a Lansdowne Park. We will be using the Aberdeen Pavilion as well as outside areas to present the Beverage Show. We will be combining all types of beers, coolers both wine and spirits, ciders of all types as well as barbecue foods and other summer menu delights, will be coming 2017.

Our fourth Festival is a winter festival that brings together Craft Beer, Cider and warmth is required. It's important to have some fun in the winter. We are working towards bringing everybody together for a couple of beers or a warm cider and enjoy being out of the house in the middle of February. Stay tuned more information will be coming 2017.

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